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Hello!!!!! I’m Marna. I was born in the glorious English North Yorkshire Moors and grew up amongst the heather, lapwings and peat. In my daydreaming moments which are A LOT, I am skipping around the sheep poo in that beautiful wilderness with the Amelie soundtrack travelling in the wind.

I write for you regularly about family life and how I fit my work around being a career and mum as well as having my own tips on my health issues. I like sharing ways to use creativity to overcome mental health issues, fibromyalgia and the needs of a career to a child with complex needs, sometimes its just great knowing you’re not alone and that we can all share together and hep each other. I also share my work, my teaching, places I go, things I love. It’s a bit of a soul bearing sort of a thing.

Another one of the writers of this blog is Simon, my long suffering husband, he will give his impression of my work, reflect on our life together and how my art heavily influences day to day life and how he lives along side a creative maniac. An expert in his field (a sales genuis), with a wicked sense of humour, making business fun. Follow his writing in the category SiLunt Writes.

You’ll also see some posts from the fab Hilary Pullen, who is dead clever with words. Which is handy when writing stuff. She is the writer of a very fab book called ‘Online Marketing for your Craft Business’.

Thank you so much for stopping by xx


10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Marna

    I heard about your page through the fabulous Kirsty Elson. Your website is just beautiful and so inspiring. I was truly touched to read about Arthur and your wonderful aims in life – we have very similar goals. I also suffer depression and have been on medication since the birth of my daughter ten years ago. I cannot imagine how hard it must be to be a full time carer on top of every day life. You are truly incredible. I wish you all the luck in the world with your raffle and send many blessings to you and your family from the other side of the world. With love, Sharon.

  2. Hello marna, i was drawn to your page after seeing a friend had “liked” it. I was totally in awe of your beautiful needlework. Since reading your blog i am in awe of your beautiful honesty. I have dealt with anxiety and depression for years and know how it can drain you of energy and creativity. I am now training to be a mental health nurse as i truly believe in the wounded healing the wounded. My real passion though lives in crafting but i lack confidence, not vision. However it is my brothers 30th wedding anniversary soon and i want to make something beautiful for their new home. I look forward to reading more about you marna xxxx

  3. Hi there Marna, so lovely to catch a glimpse of you come up on my Facebook page, tweeking my curiosity. I am very glad I came over. I love what you do, such beautiful lampshades and I am a fan of your stitching style.
    Reading “about you” I find a very special lady living a very courageous life. I also live with depression and have for many years. I am 66 and living in NZ but this medium of contact has opened up the world in all directions especially for us crafty souls. I will be following you from now on and I’m sure constantly inspired. Would love to do a workshop with you but am not sure if I will make Yorkshire for Sept as planned. Depends on knee surgery. I also love the pic of you on your header. Ab Fab. Blessings, Trills.

      1. Hello Marna , what a heartfelt piece of writing from you , showing us all how you have been feeling , so very brave . Try to think when you have hit ‘rock bottom ‘ the only way is up! Take baby steps each day , don’t put too much pressure on yourself , I found ‘art therapy ‘ excellent when I was ill . Drawing how you feel today , what ever idea comes into your head , talking about your drawing with a person that understands , then a few days later draw again . I found as I stayed to better I could see that improvement in my thoughts through the drawings expressing my most inner thoughts . Hope this helps you too ! Keep strong keep
        Positive ! Xx

  4. Hello. I can’t see how to sign up for your newsletter and info so wonder if you could add me to your list please? Fancy trying a workshop with you I’d that’s an option.

  5. Inspirational work, if only we were neighbors! Sewing, tea, cake, walking, sewing, more tea, walking and lots more sewing!

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