It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This weekend I spent a glorious two days with my in laws at their home near Chester. When I wasn’t frantically stitching Christmas orders at the dinner table with a glass of wine we went out to find Father Christmas. I thought perhaps it was just too early to visit him and start the kids excitement with still five weeks to go till the big day and having the lure of stocking presents dangled in front of them. I mean what if they actually exploded or something I mean it’s basic health and safety surely. Or more to the point I am the one that will have five weeks of constant wingeing from dawn till dusk ‘ me want, me want, me want’, after every advert on TV, in every shop, in the bath, on the school run. Although I can use the good old back up, ‘if you aren’t good for mummy Father Christmas won’t be able to bring any presents for you’. But of course me being such a good and patient mum it’s really the heath and safety issue that concerned me;)


Arthur writing to Father Christmas, accompanied by his new Ben 10 head torch which is now the ‘thing’ to wear. All the cool kids are doing it don’t you know. (I originally wrote ‘cold kids’ so that shows how utterly embarrassing I am as a mother.)

We went to Blakemere and found Father Christmas and his elf waiting in his post office, he had arrived on his Santa Express with washing powder snow showering us all. Arthur and Phoebe got to write a letter to him and stamp it with an array of solid loud sounding stamps which were a highlight in themselves and seemed very effective weapons (why do my children find things to do damage to and with every where they go). Then they posted them and went through to see the big man himself. Phoebe was terrified but quite happy to accept a present, there’s a surprise, and Arthur had a huge cuddle and made sure he told Father Christmas in his own way (which is by making the weird transforming noise his favourite toys make on the cartoon, he can’t can’t say Transfromer but he can make that mental noise, how does that make sense!) that he must have a Transformer, a big one at that! Obviously he was gutted when he opened the present he received to find a colour in jigsaw (I rather enjoyed it though! I always find that colouring in is wasted on kids.)

Then, whilst the babies were amused on the merry go round, I managed look at the crafty side of the place, they have bead shops, wool shops and basically it is my heaven. I spent a painful amount of money on buttons, pearls and bits to make my Christmas goodies, and I think I managed the whole trip with out saying anything stupid to embarrass myself which is also a bonus and unusual, so a perfect day was had by all really.

One of my Christmas orders. ‘Nice List’ rosette by the fireside.


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