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Thought you might be interested to know that very soon there is a fab new programme coming to BBC4. I think it’s going to be very exciting (and yes I’m biased because I’m in it a little bit) but why don’t you be the judge and watch it and let me know what you think!

Here’s a little description of what the programme is about:

A joyful celebration of the power of craft, MAKE! Craft Britain follows ordinary people across the country having a go at a new craft skill instructed by inspirational teachers.  It’s presented by Martha Kearney, herself a would-be crafter.


Britain is a nation of crafters, and now more than ever we are seeing an explosion in the number of evening classes and craft workshops up and down the country.  People are discovering the simple pleasure of learning a new skill and the enormous sense of pride and well-being as hidden talent and latent creativity is unleashed.

On a quest to understand the power of craft, presenter Martha Kearney begins by asking why her mother’s dexterity with a quilting needle passed her by; ‘Your head was always in a book …’ explains Martha’s mum, but she reassures her daughter that it’s never too late to start making things with your hands.


This film is a tale of two workshops.  On the edge of the Yorkshire moors Embroiderer, Marna Lunt, welcomes a mixed group of students to her 2-day course making embroidered lampshades.  Ex-copper Tony is a complete beginner while textiles student Catherine has been sewing all her life.  Under Marna’s instruction, they quickly master the basic stitches and learn how to draw inspiration from the colours and sounds of the moors. (2)

Meanwhile, on a Sunday morning in London six students take up their scalpels for a crash course in Paper-Cutting.  Teacher/practitioner Christine Green, explains the long heritage of this new craft craze, teaches them the basics of designing, cutting and finishing, and gets them going on their 3-D cards.  They are all complete beginners.  Richard and Mark draw inspiration from their local park, Crystal Palace, while newly weds, Eri and Jamie, make cards that celebrate their 1 year ‘Paper’ anniversary.


In both workshops, the students get completely absorbed by the process and the room falls almost silent in quiet concentration and creative ‘flow’. And both teachers give How To demonstrations that are easy to follow so that viewers at home can try their hand at these crafts too.

Harnessing the breadth of the craft community through social media, and especially BBC’s getcreative page, MAKE! Also features jaw-dropping images of beautiful handmade crafts sent in by viewers. (2) (2)

I’m immensely proud of taking part of this programme, and was very lucky to have made life long friends in the students I taught. And who I have spent time with since the making of the programme, they have been incredibly supportive and are such lovely genuine people. This is the beauty of teaching, making and taking chances, glorious things can arise.

I have to thank RDF television who were so kind, thoughtful, patient and generous to me. I have had the most wonderul experience working with them. I was very lucky indeed that they stumbled across me and saw that my vision mirrored theirs. I can’t wait to see what the end result is like.

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12 thoughts on “Make! Craft Britain coming soon….

    1. Thanks wendi. This project and the lovely people working on it definitely kept me going for a good while. Such a joy to be apart of. Xx

  1. Already programmed the tivo to record this to ensure I don’t miss it. Really looking forward to seeing this. I have no doubt you and your pupils will be fabulous, and will give others the encouragement to have a go themselves, and reap the benefits of what crafts can give. Xx

    1. Can it be watched on iplayer over there? I wonder if it will be available overseas, i’m afraid i just don’t know. What a shame.

  2. Ooh! I’ll definitely be watching. I’m planning to teach some workshops (bear making) when I retire next year.

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