sew magazine december 2015

OOoooo exciting news, Sew magazine have done a lovely page spread on little me.


They’ve written it up so beautifully too. I have to say, in no way being cocking at all, that I do get a lot of people asking for blog & press interviews, paid and unpaid, usually unpaid, and as much as I would like to say yes to everyone I think people would get sick of me pretty blooming quickly. I get sick of myself for goodness sake so I don’t want to do that to all of you!!

Sometimes you get a feel for an editor and magazine and think yes I like them I want to work with them. I did in this case and my hunch paid off. They have written beautifully about what we spoke about when they emailed me and not tried to turn it into a weepy ‘oh no she has a disabled child poor her’ type of thing. You see that upsets me. What I mean by this is that they make me and Arthur sound like some sort of pathetic sob story in need of pity. Granted we have things tough (doesn’t everyone have their own story of going through tough times though) but we are strong and positive, I would rather promote disability with what we can do rather than what we can’t do. And although yes my life has changed because of these events but it is not defined by that experience, I painted and had the same vision before I gave birth, art was the one thing that never changed when I become a mother. I don’t want to be turned into some sort of charity case, where you only like me because of that, hopefully you like what I make in the first place and the fact my son has brain damage is an aside, it adds to the story not is the end of the story. Obviously I don’t mind people mentioning it, that would be stupid I’m not ashamed, but lets make it an inspiring and uplifting rather than oh poor me. Does that make sense, I hope so.

Anyway Sew magazine in no way at all have put that slant on things and I love them for it, it means to me that they are just wanting to show their readers things they think they will love for the right reason. So yeah Sew magazine. Anyway did I mention that I was in this months latest edition?

Good lord I know how to waffle, so here is a little snippet of the article. Hope you enjoy it, do let me know what you think.

marna lunt interview in sew magazine 2015

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One thought on “sew magazine december 2015

  1. Hello Marna,
    Just received my Sew Magazine and read your article – am totally inspired as I adore Liberty the store, and Liberty fabrics so was thrilled to see your lovely designs and immediately looked you up online. They have written it beautifully as you say. It captured my interest and have just bought a couple of little things for Christmas pressies (sssh, for me!). Best wishes, Jeanie x

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