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23 thoughts on “Subscribe

  1. Hi Marna
    So happy to sign up for the blog, now I won’t miss any. I love hearing about your day, and seeing your new projects. I would love to know how you find the time to do all the fab work you do, as well as care for your son and daughter, home and Hubby. You are a Super Hero in my eyes, completely in ore! Warning though, as I live in Stockton, if I see you around, I may get Star struck lol. Looking forward to the read xx

  2. Hi Marna,

    Congratulations on your award it most definitely is well deserved by you. Your new website is fab and you are a fantastic inspiration. Well done and keep doing what you do it’s great.

    With best wishes Jade xx

  3. Hi, just subscribed to your blog, which is lovely! Your work is so inspirational and I’m looking forward to your posts! Steph x

  4. I have just subscribed to your blog. I always like to follow them on the Google thing, you can tell I am very techy, but this is great to be able to see your lovely projects. Louise.xx

  5. You have wonderful things and I love browsing. Thanks for the info. I’m a candle maker. Just a touch on soap. I look forward to seeing your fabulous projects and tips.

  6. Looking forward to watching your updated blog 🙂 I made a wall hanging many years ago using handmade doilies and fabric for my mom…loved how it turned out! Your pieces are wonderful…Thank you for sharing

  7. Just to say Hi,your blog was ‘shared’ to me by Louise who I ‘virtually’ met on a marketing course and has donated to your raffle. I am a real newbie to blogging but it is great to hear about so many talented and wonderful people and the support that is out there. I wish you all the best with your fundraising and I am sure your Raffle will be a great success.
    Take Care

  8. Just found your blog through Emma Lamb’s posting. I really am addicted to colour and handmade items and the design of same. I’m in Canada, (and it is a VERY cold June here in case you were wondering), and I do embroidery and am currently totally connected to Jacobean designs and re-creating them. I can just FEEL the creative spirits of the ladies bent over amazing designs, in upper rooms of drafty castles and great family homes – sigh..Can’t wait to check in with you via your blog!

  9. I am so glad I found your site and blog! Your works of art make me smile…really big…and I love your analogy that the threads are your paint and the needle, your brush! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the whole world.

  10. Looking forward to more lovely reads. Thank you for including two photos of me at Hope and Elvis – an honour indeed.

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