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Name: Zoe Stewart

Company: Zoe Stewart Photography & Simply Ruby

Website: www.zoestewartphoto.com


Sum up your business in a sentence: Simple & fun.

When did you start your business? I launched officially in 2010. I always loved photography and children and it just went from there…


What & who inspires you? Ruby, everyday she grows up. She does something new. She learns something new. I’ve watched her grow into a beautiful little girl and every day it inspires me and shapes the way my business develops.

Marna3 Marna4

What sets you apart from others? Me. Being yourself in business is really important.

What did you do before setting up your business? I studied at Heriot Watt in Gala and I have a BA Hons in Fashion. Then I was a nursery teacher, which I loved & a nanny.

The best part of your day/ running your own business? Being able to spend a heap of time with my family. Not everyone can do that. I love that I can pick and choose my working week.


Why did you start your business? I’d love to be really honest, I actually just fell into it. I took some photographs of a friends little one and then her friend asked about getting some, then her friend…. and before I knew it I had a studio and I was taking 4/5 kids shoots a week. Travelling to Aberdeen, London and York.

Your favourite product & why? BB Cream. It. Is. Amazing. I no longer wear foundation. It’s pretty amazing stuff.

Your greatest business tip? Be yourself. Who is more unique to your business than you? If it doesn’t make my heart sing, its not for me.


Your favourite colour? Green. In any shade. I love it!

Your biggest weakness? Anything in a pretty floral print. I cannot help myself!

Your biggest success? Of all time? Ruby. We never thought we would have children. Ever. We got told our chances were super slim, so being able to have Ruby has been my biggest success. So that was a little deep… so I will add that this week I taught myself how to crochet. I am halfway through a granny square blanket, pretty proud of that!


Funniest moment? I super glued my eye closed and my hand to my face in an airport 30 minutes before my honeymoon flight to Florida. True story. (I made the flight!)

Favourite quote? ‘What you do today is important, you are exchanging a day of your life for it’. So so true. I try and remember it when I am slouched over my computer on a lovely sunny day.


Favourite motto? What comes easy, won’t always last, and what will last, won’t always come easy.

Favourite artist? I love Belle & Boo. I have a good few prints up in my house. I love them.

Favourite season? Autumn. No contest. The colours are just so beautiful and cosy. The days are just the right temperature for walks and picnics and the nights are the best for sitting infront of a cosy little fire with a book and a blanket.


Star sign? My birthday is New Years Day so that would make me a stubborn Capricorn.

Business dream? I’m living it. I can’t imagine doing anything else. This is where I wanted to be and in less than 2 years I made it. Ok, maybe a bigger studio with big old factory windows, but other than that I’m pretty happy.


Favorite flower? Ranunculus, in any shade. They are gorgeous.

What are you listening to right now? My ‘Editing Playlist’. It includes Joni Mitchell, The Civil Wars, Lucy Rose & Priscilla Ahn.

Your simple pleasure? A cup of tea and a family movie. Can’t beat that.


What’s your brew? Tea, milk & 2. It HAS to be in a proper cup & the cup has to have a white inside, no hint of a colour or pattern or I can’t drink it. Weird I know.

jake preview

Tell us a joke. What do you call cheese thats not yours? Nacho Cheese! Gets me EVERY time.

Thanks Zoe, I so love looking through Zoe’s photos, she has such clever ways of taking photos, fun compositions and beautiful light, I am a bit of an Instagram stalker of hers, I recommend you look at her pics there, oh so lovely. A year of so now I was fortunate to get some photos taken of my two children and they are still some of my very favourite images, and the photo I use of me for all my marketing was also taken by Zoe. I, like many  of us, hate my picture being taken so this is quite an achievement I tell you. I think I’m due for another batch, this time I might even let you put me in with the kids;) I just can’t get enough of this beautiful style.

Much Love 20130504-184456.jpg


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